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To Build or Not to Build?

‘Build yourself an ark’ .- Genesis 6:8

I believe we each have an instinct to protect and build our family home. We naturally create surroundings in such a way that fulfills our families' needs in every way possible. I can remember a time, when I was getting ready for my next baby to arrive. I would go around the house like a crazy person, cleaning the house and arranging every detail for the 770th time. There's a desire in each mummy to create and build a safe place for those we love..

In Genesis, after deciding to flood the world, God spoke to Noah. He said, “Build yourself an ark.” Even though devastation is about to hit the whole earth, and God says “build”. We need to remember Noah was not in control. He was faced with the bad news that everything that he knew was about to be destroyed. But God, gave Noah a choice - to build or not to build?

So how does this relate to us today?

For me this sounds familiar, no God hasn’t told me to build a giant wooden boat, but when I listen to the news today - I see devastation, heartbreak and uncertainty due to a wide spread virus. Just like Noah, we have no control over what is going on in front of us, but what if God has given us a choice to make? What if we are to build an ark of our own?

What could our ark look like? Maybe it’s building on the relationships that surround us, maybe it’s working on new healthy habits, or even fixing our current attitude.

In the past week, I have decided I would like to build community even though it looks seemingly impossible during isolation. Just like most building projects, I have to knock down a few walls and rebuild.

When God instructed for the rain to come down, the ark Noah had built remained above water. As will we, we will survive these long days at home, we will make it through the tears and the insecurities of motherhood. Even when we have had no sleep, and know there's another 15 hours to go until the next potential sleep, God WILL give us strength. Grace and mercy will be given to us, when we have lost control and slammed a door (or two). God will pour out His peace, when we are fearful. We can have confidence, when we feel at breaking point, that the rain that sometimes pours against us will eventually stop!

‘Though the waters roar and foam and the mountains tremble, there is a river that brings joy to the city of God.’ (Psalms 46-3)

I believe there is a river of joy coming your way! There's a point in the story of Noah, where they were waiting for signs of life after the rain had stopped. Maybe, just maybe, in these times there's life, where there was once death. I feel what we have built within the inside of our isolation, will be manifested on the outside. What we build within our home, isn't just going to affect ourselves and our families, but it will also grow in our communities. Life will begin to flow through the dry places.

'I want to remind you of the promise God gave when the flood had come to an end. God put a rainbow in the sky, and promised that He will never destroy the planet again with water.' (Genesis 9 -13)

Another one of God's promises to us, is that..

“He will never leave us nor forsake us.”- Hebrews 13-5

I want us to remember and to be encouraged, that the rains will eventually stop. We won't be going through this forever. This is just for a season, and we now have a choice to build or not to build.

My question to you: Will you choose to build?.


If you enjoy writing and taking notes, as sometimes it can help with the processing. I have put a few questions below to help you. ENJOY!

SEE IT - I find it helps if we can see what we want to build, before we try and build anything. Writing down your ideas can be helpful. Your challenge is to write down what you see yourself building.

SAY IT - Speaking out what you see, can be your next step in moving towards your goal. The way I do this is by first speaking positively about your goals and then praying about it.

DO IT - Your next step is to write down how you will build, what you want to build. I love writing out a plan and then seeing how it unfolds. For example: I want to build on community - so I wrote in my journal three ways how I would do this. One of those ways is to send a message to reach out in a new way to someone I may not know that well.

Love Leah x

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