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Coming out of Lockdown Thoughts 💭

This has been the hardest part of lockdown for me - the coming out of it! It’s where busyness has taken over the stillness, and things to do have taken over what once was a priority. It reminds me of a time after Reuben had just been buried, for everyone it was moving on moment, but for me it was just the start of my healing journey. It was the time most people gave up on checking in, and it was a time people nudged me along to hurry the healing process and so we could crack on with everyday life. If I have learnt anything from the grieving process, you can't hurry it along and busyness will not cover the broken grieving heart. For so long I felt surrounded, and then all of a sudden it felt like I had been dropped from a great height into a desert. The stillness, the loneliness and the sound of my own thoughts surrounded me.

I say all of this because we are just about to come out of a great desert and we will be tempted to make our days about ourselves and our busy lives. It may feel a relief to get back to normal, but what is actually normal? Maybe the last year has left us wise life lessons that we all once posted about.

Lockdown showed us how to make space to love one another well, share our time and food, there was time for the spontaneous chat, prayer and community. I don't want to leave that behind for hurry and busyness. This is a now challenge because the world is now crying out for us to fill every gap we have until we are burnt out dry.

For so long the world stood still and now it's getting back to noise and racing about. I am not sure I’m prepared for the change. It feels intense and lonely! It seems everyone is 100 steps in front and I just can't seem to catch up. There's one beauty out of lockdown I wanted so badly to keep and that was how other people became more important than our own busyness.

Let's be honest that's all we had and now we are offered with the hurry of everyday life. I feel the pressure every day, what plans shall I make today, what club shall I sign the kids up to, how can I fill every gap as it feels that's the normal thing to do. I have recently stopped and made myself slow down and think about how I want to fill my week. I then thought, what if I didn't need to overfill but empty all the hurry out of my week and notice what's important.

I want to be available for the spontaneous and the person that needs a hug when they really need it. I want to be available to listen to my kids when they need me, I want to have time for myself and the friend that needs my time. If we are burdened with busyness, we don't have time to carry anyone else's burdens. Galatians 6:2 - tells us to share each other's burdens. Lockdown made that happen, and I don't want to lose that precious gift in exchange for another to-do list that will never end.

Are you with me?

The lie we believe is that if we make a list, it will end but they don’t, they just never end.

I just want to remind myself and all of us, people haven't stopped weeping or mourning just because restrictions have eased. All the way through lockdown we have preached a message to mourn with those who mourn, weep with those who weep and now it's time to put that into practice all that we have learnt. In fact, it's the time we need to be more alert to one another. We have all just experienced a great loss, and we need one another to be each other's learning post to learn how to live in a world with the loss we carry, but also with the beauty we have gained. The beauty and gift of lockdown ending isn't more TIME, but it's the people you have done life with you, those who have LOVED you well, the person that has been there through it all.

It's not a time to fill your days or go inward, people need us the most right now. Doing life together may feel like a burden, and if it feels messy and burdensome, you're doing it right!

Community is a gift that God intended us to fully know on Earth. Jesus teaches us to walk with the broken not give them a walking stick and send them on their way.Just because we can walk away doesn't mean we should be!

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