Bonjour Friends!

If I could describe myself in a few sentences, it would be this: I love Jesus and my family with all my heart. I will grab any chance for an adventure. Outdoors is where I find my most freedom, and the beach is my favourite place. I love long chats, and books are my best friends.


I am married to a wonderful human and I have three amazing children. Sadly Reuben died at 8 days old, but he is a big part of my story. I am also a writer, and currently writing my first book. My goal is to be relatable, vulnerable and totally real with you. I will be sharing my own story of grief, loss and journey through depression. I don't have any qualifications in well-being or flashy degrees, but I have experience to share. A lot of this journey will be us learning together. We will also be looking to the Bible for guidance, healing and freedom. 

I want to provide opportunity for prayer, so please do get in touch via the below contact form.

 If you have breath in your lungs, this is for you.


"Let my ashes, be Your beauty."

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